Portable HPHT Consistometer Model HTD 7720

Portable HPHT Consistometer Model HTD 7720 is designed in strict accordance with the requirement of API specification 10, it is a special instrument for measuring cement slurry consistency time.
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Portable HPHT Consistometer Model HTD 7720


1. Product Introduction of Portable HPHT Consistometer Model HTD 7720


The Portable HPHT consistometer is used to determine the length of time a given cement slurry remains in a fluid state at a desired temperature and pressure. This data is then used to compare various cements. The tests performed are known as Thickening Time Tests.


Complete details of the procedure are contained in API Spec 10 titled Materials and Testing for Well Cements.


Cement slurry is placed in the consistometer, pressure and temperature are increased according to the API schedules, or the specific schedules desired by the user, and the consistency of the slurry is recorded as a function of time. An automatic shut-down feature cools the instrument, and shuts down the heater and motor upon completion of the test.


HTHP consistometer is designed in strict accordance with the requirement of API specification 10, it is a special instrument for measuring cement slurry consistency time.


The stirring blade in the cell of the HTHP consistometerer assembled with the mud cup and then put into the pressure cell. The maximum working pressure is 137Mpa (20000psi) and maximum temperature is 204 C (400 F).


The instrument supplies pressure to the cell body through the pneumatic hydraulic pump, and the pressure system is maintained by controlling pressure relief valve and the pneumatic hydraulic pump.


The hydraulic system consists of oil tank, piping system, valve and filter element.


Use 3000w built-in tubular heater to heat the cell body. The programmable temperature controller automatically controls the temperature rising rate (that is, the temperature gradient). When the mud temperature reaches the expected data, the controller will maintain the set temperature.


The mud cup is driven to rotate by rotating shaft installed in the cell body, which is transmitted by the magnetic drive device at a constant speed of 150±15rpm through the frame. Permanent rare earth magnets are used to ensure high torque and long magnetic field.


The viscosity (i.e., consistency) of cement slurry is obtained by the potentiometer installed in the pressure cell. The potentiometer installed with a standard torque spring inside to prevent the rotating force in the agitator, which is proportional to the cement slurry consistency. Consistency data are displayed directly on the consistency table.


The consistency of cement slurry is obtained by measuring the force on the standard spring. When the slurry cup rotates according to the api gravity specification, the blade in the slurry cup is effected by the cement slurry apply force to the standard spring connected with the blade. When the required consistency is reached, the instrument automatic shutdown function will automatically disconnect the heater, drive the motor, turn on the cooling water and stop the timer. The instrument gives an audible alarm to remind the operator that the experiment is over.


Features and Benefits

Programmable temperature controller

Rugged design

Easy to operate

Recorder for both viscosity and temperature

Magnetic drive system to reduce maintenance

Adjustable alarm for viscosity levels

Slurry container rotation at 150 rpm


2. Working principle of Portable HPHT Consistometer Model HTD 7720


After constant speed stirrer prepare the sample, pour the cement slurry samples into the mud cup of the consistometer, and then put the mud cup into the cell for measuring the consistence. The mud cup rotates at a constant speed of 150 r/min to drive the cement slurry circulate in the mud cup, so that we can measure the consistency time of cement slurry.


3. Models and Specifications of Portable HPHT Consistometer Model HTD 7720





Portable HPHT Consistometer


4. The Main Technical Parameters of Portable HPHT Consistometer Model HTD 7720




Technical Specification


Input voltage

AC (220±11) V 50/60HZ


Input power



Heating power



Maximum operate temperature



Ambient temperature



Maximum operate pressure



Stir speed

150 r/MIN


Consistency range



Consistency resolution



Pressure medium

HTHP special Consistency oil


Compressed air pressure

400–700 Kpa(58–100Psi)


Cooling water pressure



Cooling water joint



Net weight / Gross weight






Packing dimensions (wooden box)



5. Company Introduction of Portable HPHT Consistometer Model HTD 7720


Our company is committed to the R&D and manufacturing of drilling fluid analyzer, oil well cement tester, oilfield laboratory integrated engineering solutions and experimental instrument maintenance services. Over the past 40 years, with the care and support of oilfield users, experts from various industries and engineers and technicians, our products and technologies have been tested by the market making. Haitongda special analytical instruments have grown to world-famous brands. Our company has researched and developed testing instruments needed in unconventional oil and gas resources, deep water, natural gas hydrate and intelligent drilling, and successively produced a variety of new products, such as ultra-HTHP rheometer, drilling fluid online testing system and deep water low temperature drilling fluid testing system, which timely met the needs of technological progress in the drilling industry. At present, we are providing quality services and practical products to more than 3,000 customers in more than 20 countries and regions around the world.


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6. FAQ


1): Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?

A1: We are manufacturer.


2): What is your main brand?

A2: Our brand is Haitongda, which is famous in China and other nation. Also we do OEM.


3): What are your business scope and product classification?

A3.Business scope. Mud analysis instrument, electronic products, special instrument, mold design and manufacturing; Instrument maintenance and sales, import and export of goods and technologies.


Product classification including drilling fluid analysis instrument oil ell cement testing instrument and field overall solution, including 22 small categories and over 120products.


4): What is your MOQ for the order?

A4: Testers per 1 set.


5): What is the warranty period of your instrument?

A5: One year.


6): Can l get better offer if our order can be bigger?

A6: Certainly. We will give you better prices based on the quantity for your order.


7): What certificate do you have for your instrument?

Q7: ISO, SGS and so on.


8): What is your lead time for our order?

A8: For new order: 3 weeks.

For stock order: 3 working days after T/T. Based on FOB Qingdao.


9): What is your advantage of your factory?

A9: We are the original oil ministry designated drilling fluid analysis equipment manufacturer in China, which was founded in 1968.


10): What is the process to become an agency?

A10: Please send us mail enquiry, then we will reply you as soon as possible.


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