Fluid Loss Test

This Static Fluid Loss Test is designed for measuring the cement slurry under the condition of high temperature and high pressure, and at the same time, it can make the filter cake after filtration. The instrument is designed with whole heating and control system, the main parts adopt high quality stainless steel, easy to operate, mobile and flexible, surface finishing strong and durable. The temperature control system adopts the most advanced international electronic temperature controller, it is precise high temperature controlling, good repeatability, simple operation, accurate test data, etc. Very suitable for using in various oil fields and scientific research institutes laboratory .

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  • Static fluid loss model HTD7169 is a professional instrument, used to measuring the filtration amount of cement slurry under high temperature and high pressure conditions, and also make filter cake after filtering under the same conditions. The testing instrument is mainly composed of main body, tee valve, drilling fluid cup, high pressure filtrate receiver and pressurized manifold, etc.