Cement Viscosity

Cement Viscosity is a type of viscosimeter newly designed by our company. The Cement Viscosity is designed with embedded configuration. It is equipped with a high-precision Angle sensor, driven by a stepper motor, and the speed is more stable and accurate; the buttons on the panel are easy to operate, high resolution LCD screen can display the float rotation Angle and stirring speed in real time. This product can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, cosmetics and other industries. When the instrument operates at the rate of 300r/min. The measurement unit of the viscometer is cP or mPa.s. The data measured at other speeds can be converted. The sixth part of this paper presents a method for calculating the viscosity of pseudo-plastic fluids, such as drilling fluids. When different rotating speeds are selected or different combinations of torsional spring and float are used, the optional range of shear rate may change. To widen the shear stress’s range and test more fluids, it can be solved by replacing different kinds of torsion springs.

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